Twinkles was made by Eaton's of Canada. I couldn't find a Twinkles doll yet, but I found one of her fashions. The graphics on the back of the packaging show dolls that resemble Skipper very much. The fashions pictured can easily be identified as Skipper's "Red Sensation" and "School Days" outfits.


It's possible that "Twinkles" was more or less the same doll like Eaton's of Canada's "Dimples" doll and that the name had been changed.

In Eaton's of Canada's 1966 winter catalogue a Bendable Legs Skipper doll is advertised together with six extra outfits. 


Interestingly, these outfits aren't original Mattel Skipper fashions, but Eaton's of Canada's own "Twinkles Doll" fashions, including #179, which is pictured below.

A Skipper doll dressed in the Twinkles fashion shown above: "Twinkles Doll's Wardrobe 179":

The coat's buttons: