Odds and Ends

Happy Birthday Barbie Clone Dress


A 1960s "Plasty" dress for Barbie sized German competitor "Petra" (#19 "Zürich") looks like a copy of Skipper’s “Happy Birthday” fashion. The photograph shows a Swirl Barbie dressed in the clone dress described together with a vintage Skipper doll wearing a "Peggy" by Plasty “Happy Birthday” clone dress in pink.

Skipper Fashion Value Guide 1964 – 1976

There’s a Skipper Fashion Value Guide 1964 - 1976 printed on paper, with wonderful drawings and a listing of all the fashions and accessories that go with them. The author is Linda Pilkenton. She also did the drawings. The guide was printed in 1990 - probably before these detailed descriptions were available anywhere else.


On the backside of the brochure there's a picture of Linda, who received her first Skipper doll in 1964. She became a devoted collector and she was the founder and 1990 president of the Barbie Friends of Albuquerque, N.M. Club.


The guide is a wonderful small reference book made with lots of love and shouldn't be forgotten. 

Massimo Ferra CD: Skipper Doll

In 2015, the Italian Jazz musician Massimo Ferra released a CD called “Skipper Doll”. It shows pictures of vintage Skipper and Skooter dolls. One instrumental is called “Skipper Doll” and if you search online you can find a video showing lots of lovely Skippers (you can find a link below).


I contacted Massimo Ferra and asked for permission to mention his CD. His wife loves and collects Skipper dolls.


“Massimo Ferra Guitar Six: Skipper Doll” by Sardmusic, Cover design: Gio Piras - MangioDesign