Ricky Clone

If you’re very lucky, you can find a Ricky Clone Doll. These dolls were only sold on the European market. Most of them have the same marking like some Hong Kong Skipper and all of the Skooter clones: NO. 998.


Others have unmarked bodies and heads. The dolls pictured are w/o markings. They originally came with glued on outfits. They were part of "Yesterday Dollies" costume doll kits" sold probably only in the UK. You can find a link to more information on these kits below:


Original Ricky (to the right) and his dark haired clone brother:

Original Ricky and his clone brothers to the left and to the right:

Two Ricky clones with glued on outfits (pirate/Peter Pan):

(Probably both of these Ricky clones probably came in Costume Doll Kits)

Ricky clone doll dressed in an outfit very close to the original, promoted in a Danish catalog from the late 60s (the Skipper clone doll pictured looks like Sandie (pls. see next page). The dolls on the catalog page don't have names and the company who produced them isn't mentioned: