Head Molds

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The head mold used for the first Skippers ever has been used for Skipper dolls over a long period of time. Even when their body changed, the head mold stayed the same. You can find dolls with this head mold from 1963/64 until 1988.


The 1970/71 Re-Issue Skipper was the last doll available in the U.S.A. with the vintage head mold and side glance.  The last Skipper ever sold with this mold and side glance was the 1972 Twist and Turn Skipper Europe. There were later versions with the same head mold, but with centered eyes instead of side glancing eyes.


California Skipper Europe #4440 was the last doll ever produced with the same head mold like the first Skipper dolls. She was part of the California Dream Dolls family which was also available in the U.S. - with the exception of the Skipper doll. 

First photo: Vintage Straight Leg Skipper

Second photo: California Skipper Europe

When the Super Teen Skipper was introduced in 1978, Mattel used another head mold for the first time and sold dolls with vintage and new head molds simultaneously.


In the list at the end of this chapter you can find all the Skipper dolls and their markings from 1964 (1963) until 1988. The list ends with the last issue of Skipper produced with the vintage head mold. It includes US versions as well as international dolls.