Corky from Shillman had long hair with bangs and came with a side glance (right). There were probably three versions of this doll. One was wearing a black swimsuit and was sold as a baggy doll. Another version was dressed in a blue knitted swimsuit and came in a box wearing white flats.


The first version of Corky was supposedly dressed in a red and white bathing suit. The dolls were marked "U" at the back of their heads. "U" probably stands for "Unique Doll Company", a toy manufacturer who produced dolls for other toy companies. Corky has no body markings. One feature that differentiated her from most of the Skipper clone dolls was, that her legs were attached to her body the same way like Skipper's legs. This way she didn't spread her legs when she was positioned sitting.


M. & S. SHILLMAN, INC. was formed in 1963 in New York. It is no longer active.

Rare find: Corky in her original box