You can find a huge number of different vintage Skipper cases. Most of these – just like the other vintage Barbie doll family cases - were produced by a company named "SPP". These licensed products were not shown in dealer catalogs by Mattel, but you can find some of them in Barbie booklets.


SPP stands for: "Standard Plastic Products, Inc. Hong Kong Industrial Co., Ltd." Mattel acquired this company in 1966. Following please find an overview of the most common cases, as well as a selection of htf or even rare Skipper cases. If you’re lucky, you can find a rare case not pictured anywhere before.


Most of the Skipper cases were produced in the mid-60s and show vintage fashions. Some mod cases for Skipper or Skipper and Fluff were sold around 1970. There were some rare Skooter doll cases made by SPP. One was made in 1965 and showed a blonde Skooter dressed in “Platter Party” and a redhead Skooter in “Sunny Pastels”. Another case pictured a blonde Skooter wearing “Country Picnic”.

The German 1965 Barbie booklet shows a yellow Skipper case  #0090 which depicts Skipper in a blue version of her outfit "School Girl" #1907 which was never sold. Pictured at the left were a brunette Skipper in #1901 (in red) and a brunette Skipper dressed in a blue version of #1906 which also never had been sold.


The case itself - offered in the booklet for 24.50 DM (German Mark - which was a lot of money back then) was most likely a prototype, which has never been actually produced in large numbers and sold to the public. 

Here you can see one of the most common cases. It was produced in 1964 and was available in yellow, blue and gray. The cases differ a little depending on the country they were sold.


Left picture: Left case: Carrying case from Germany. Right case: Carrying case from the USA. Note the differences (e.g. color of the handle, difference in yellow color of the vinyl, writing on the case). The German case is hard to find.  (Close-up pic below)

Cases produced for the U.S. Market were either marked “Mattel, Inc. Toymakers” or “SPP”. Cases produced for other countries had the imprint “Mattel S.A. International” and an additional writing stating the country. This photograph shows a case “Made in Germany”.   


Some more color variations of that case are shown below (The graphics on the white/grayish cases produced for the U.S. market differ slightly)

This case in blue, very good condition, with hangers, sold on eb.. for 36 US $ (2020).

This case in yellow, good condition, sold on eb... for 30 US $ (2020).

This case from 1964 was also available inter-nationally. It is hard to find in the USA, but quite common in Europe.


The case was also pictured in the German Barbie booklet from 1972 and was sold for 12,90 DM (German Mark). Stock number: #91-1045


This case in medium condition sold on eb.. for 38 US $ (in 2020).

Pictured here is a carrying case made by SPP for Barbie and Skipper from 1964. This case was also available in grey. Inside, there was a clear suit bag with a metal hook and a zipper. This case is vhtf. 


Another vhtf SPP case from 1964also included a clear suit bag. This case was offered in tan and blue and depicted Barbie dressed in "Sheath Sensation" and Skipper wearing "Red Sensation". 


Photograph courtesy of Igeana Gober 


This case in blue (good condition) sold for 62 US $ in 2020.

This case in beige (very good condition) sold for 100 US $ on eb.. (2020).


This 1965 "Purse-Pal" Doll Case from SPP hasn't got any "Skipper" writing on it, but it's definitely a case made for the Skipper doll.


The case has a strap like a purse and was sold in two versions: a blue and a pink one. It has two compartments, one is perfect for a Skipper doll, and the other one for her clothes and accessories. The graphics show a little girl playing besides "Suzy Goose" furniture. And a shelf with toys, including a Skipper doll dressed in "Red Sensation" (wearing a headband instead of the hat from the set). This case is rare.

A blue Purse Pal case sold for 170 US $ on eb.. in 2020.

This case with portraits of Skipper and Skooter came in a light pink and a pink variation with polka dots. The case had white handles. It was made in 1965 by SPP and was also sold as part of a gift set containing a pink skin Skipper or Skooter doll.


The case is very rare.

Whereas the following double case with the portraits of Skipper and Skooter was available in yellow, red and blue, the case with Skipper and Skooter at the beach was probably only produced in yellow and blue. A case with the same graphics was also available in Australia, but it was a square case with a blue handle instead of a black one.

The Australian case is rare.

The production date of these cases is probably around 1965/1966.

 Both of the double cases were also available a part of very rare gift sets and are hard to find.             

The yellow case in good condition sold for 66 US $ on eb.. (2020).

The case in peach - medium condition - sold for 50 US $ on eb.. (2020).

The case blow ("running on the beach") in yellow, very good condition, was sold for 40 US $ on eb.. (2020).

The two cases pictured below are available in yellow and blue. They were not only made and available in France (like stated in some books), because you can find them in the 1967 German Barbie booklet.


The cases were offered for 19,75 DM (German Mark). Stock number: #0900.  


These cases are rare and very sought after by collectors.

Colorful mod Skipper case, made in 1969 and sold starting 1970. 


In Germany, the white version was pictured in the booklet from 1971 and 1972, had the stock #91-4966 and cost 15,75 DM (German Mark). The German booklet from 1973 shows the orange version, which was 16,90 DM and had the same stock number like in 1971 and 1972. It was also depicted in the German booklet dated 1974 and 1975. The stock number changed to: #90-4966.


The case had different colored handles and came with hangers. There’s also an orange variation of the case and a version with “Skipper and Fluff” written on it.


This case in orange - medium/fair condition - sold on eb... for 29 US $ (in 2020).