Straight Legs SL Skooter # 1040

In 1965, Skipper gets a girlfriend named "Skooter" #1040.


Skooter has the same body as Skipper (and Ricky) and she can wear Skipper's clothes. She's sold with a tan skin tone (pictured left) in 1965, and with the pink skin tone (pictured below) starting 1966. She comes with the basic hair colors "brunette", "blonde" and "redhead". She is being sold until 1967.


Markings: "© 1963 Mattel, Inc."


Skooter has her own box stating "Skipper's friend Skooter by Mattel" and wears a two piece swimsuit and two red bows in her pigtails. She has her own "Skooter" wrist tag. The accessories in the box are the same as Skipper's.


It's very hard to find Skooter dolls in a very good condition, with unfaded lips and no discolorations. 


Unlike Skipper's friend Ricky, Skooter doesn't have her own wardrobe. However, there is one gift set for her, #1036 "Skooter with her Cut'n Button Costumes" from 1965 - 1967, which includes a Skooter doll and some "sew free" fashions exclusive to this set. This gift set is hard to find.


Skooter is also part of "Sears' Own Skipper & Skooter Gift Set" from 1967.


SL Skooter in box, complete, very good condition, with wrist tag: Sold for 150 US $ in Dezember 2019 on eb..


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Lovely Pink Skin Straight Legs Skooter, original lip colour:

Redhead Pink Skin Skooter with original lip colour and her box:

Skooter in Japan

Just like Skipper, Skooter was also available in other countries, including Japan. In Japan, she was sold in her regular box, with extra stickers attached to the inside (please refer to "Skipper in Japan") and an extra sticker on the box lid, stating her stock number 1040, as well as "SKIPPER'S FRIEND" and KB for Kokusai Boeki:

Skooter - Dressed Doll Boxes

A rarity in the Vintage Barbie world is a Dressed Doll Box Skooter. Only a few of these have been found. All of them wear the fashion "Day At The Fair" and come in a Skipper Dressed Doll Box with liner. Unlike the regular Dressed Dolls, they are not sewn into the boxes. On the short ends of the box top it says: "Skooter - Skipper's Friend by MATTEL - DRESSED DOLL - DOLL, CLOTHING AND WIRE STAND INCLUDED". An additional paper sticker says: "Stock. No. 1911: 450 Skooter dressed in DAY AT THE FAIR". These Skooter Dressed Doll Boxes were only available to mattel salesmen for showing them to their clients and they were probably also given to dealers/retail stores for display. 


I was lucky to have found one of these rare items:

Dressed Doll Box Skooter in her extremely rare box dressed in Day At The Fair, incl. stand and accessories: 700 US $ +

Bendable Legs Skooter #1120

In 1966 and 1967 Skooter #1120 gets bendable legs. She comes in a new box and with a different swimsuit. Like the straight legs issue she's also available in either a pink or tan skin tone. This doll is sold in Germany in 1971 and is called "Skooter with movable legs". She's pictured in the German Barbie booklet from 1971 and costs 9,95 DM (approximately 11 US $). 


The Pink Skin BL Skooter pictured was sold for 155 US $ in Dezember 2019, doll and outfit only, no box

Pretty brunette Pink Skin BL Skooter:

Cute blonde pink skin BL Skooter: