Ricky #1090 1965 - 1967

In 1965 Ricky #1090 is introduced as Skipper's friend. He is on the market until 1967.


In 1965 Ricky is available in the tan skin tone only, starting 1966 pink skin dolls are being sold as well.


Ricky has the same body (and markings) as the SL Skipper and Skooter dolls of these years: "© 1963 Mattel, Inc."


He comes in a box stating "Skipper's friend Ricky by Mattel" and is dressed in blue shorts, a striped jacket and red cork sandals. He has his own "Ricky" wrist tag. Included in the box are a black metal stand, liner, and booklet.



There are no gift sets or Dressed Doll boxes with Ricky.

Both sides of Ricky's box:

Pink Skin Ricky:

Ricky has some own fashions: