Dodi by Ideal

Dodi was Pepper's friend - both were made by the US company Ideal. She was sold starting 1964 and came in different styles and boxes and was dressed in different fashions. One of her original fashions is pictured below ("straight legs Dodi"), the other one (for "Pos'n Dodi) is a two piece pink set (top and pants) - shown nrfb. She also came wearing a light blue top and blue and white striped skirt (also shown nrfb below). 


Head markings: © 1964 Ideal Toy Corp. DO-9-E  Body markings: 1964 © Ideal 1 DO-9.


It's not known, how long these first versions are sold.


In the middle of the 70s she reappears, this time she's called "Suntan Dodi". She has a slightly different face and a special "function", because her tan changes according to the light.


Dodi and Pepper had a lot of adorable, well made fashion sets, as well as cases, and even a trea house. A few of these are pictured below. You can find additional info on the "Pepper page". There was a third female doll that belonged to the "Pepper playmate family": Patti. She was only available at Montgomery Ward's:

Dodi with straight legs pictured in one of her lovely fashions:

Original outfit:

Another adorable Pepper/Dodi fashion:

1960s Pos'n Dodi (photos of Dodi and her box: courtesy of Molly Knapp):

1960s Pos'n Dodi, other issue + 1970s Suntan Dodi (photos courtesy of Molly Knapp):

Two cases with adorable graphics (photos courtesy of Molly Knapp):