Sandy by Elite Creations had long hair in different hair colors and eyes that glanced to the left. She was available with bangs and without. One Sandy version was sold with a hairdo resembling the "Swirl Ponytail Barbie". There was even one version of the Sandy doll with a bubblecut. Sandy had her own wardrobe and accessories. She was sold in a red and white swimsuit. There are Hong Kong clones of Sandy dolls, which were dressed in a one piece swimsuit resembling the Bend Leg Skipper's original swimsuit.


In 1972 and 1973 there was a Sandy doll made by another company - Famus. She was sold in a cardboard box with a clear window and the same logo pictured below on the shoes blister card. Famus' Sandy was produced in Taiwan. Her face is different from Elite's Sandy: it's like Skipper's original face.