Miss Gwen

Miss Gwen was a "Hong Kong Clone", her manufacturing company is unknown. She had long hair with bangs and glanced to the right. Miss Gwen came in a cardboard box and although she was pictured wearing a white and blue swimsuit, she was also sold dressed in a red and white striped bathing suit (in a very bad quality compared to Skipper's OSS). The doll came with a headband. There are dolls with different skin colors: tan or grayish.


The doll was marked "Made in Hong Kong" on the middle part of the back. There were no markings on the head.


In fact, this doll looked almost exactly like "Miss Pre-Teen" (who had the same markings). Miss Gwen had her own wardrobe. Many of her fashions were very close copies of original Skipper outfits.

One of Miss Gwen's outfits, NRFP (the outfits were numbered, this outfit has the number 250x):

Side views of Miss Gwen's box: