L'Il Sister

Eegee's "L'il Sister" with long reddish brunette or blonde hair came in a red and white or blue and white swimsuit. The freckled doll was available with and without bangs. There's a rare variation with platinum blonde hair.


Head markings: © EEG EE CO. and a two-digit number (p. e. 42 or 56). No body markings. Dolls with this marking have hard hollow plastic arms. There are also dolls with above marking - but without an additional two digit number. These dolls have the same body like the previous dolls, but their arms are made of a flexible rubber.


Her body looks a little different from the bodies of most of the Hong Kong clones, but it is made of the same material.


"Babette" and "Annette" are the names of her older sisters, who copy the look of a Ponytail Barbie.


"L'il Sister" was manufactured in the U.S.A. in the mid-60s by a company called Eegee Doll Company, founded in 1917 by Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Goldberger in New York. This company produced plastic and vinyl dolls.