Skipper: Licensed Products

Lots of licensed products were made for Skipper or used photographs or drawings of Skipper. They are all rare. There's an ad from 1964 or 1965 in which Mattel looks for companies to buy licenses on their trademark "Skipper". One of the licensees was SPP. This company produced vinyl products like cases, binders, purses and pencil cases. Hasbro manufactured a “Skipper Nurse Kit”. Prices for the aforementioned products (with the exception of the common cases) range between 150 and 350 US $ - nrfb.


There are paper products – most of them made by Whitman, for example a “Skipper Magic Slate Paper Saver”, jigsaw puzzles, wardrobe paper dolls or coloring books. These paper products fetch prices between US $ 10 and 200 US $. The company "Susy Goose" manufactured furniture for Skipper: “Skipper’s Jeweled Vanity”, “Skipper’s Jeweled Wardrobe” and “Skipper’s Jeweled Bed”. Prices for these items - nrfb - range between 200 and 300 US $. Some of these sets (used, good condition, some missing parts) sold on eb.. for 250 US $ (winter 2018).


Some other companies were: Lakeside Lifetime Toys (Electric Drawing Set), McCall’s (Skipper Patterns), Bar-Zim Mfg.  (Skipper’s Chalk Board, Skipper’s Spelling Board ), Irwin (Barbie ’s Little Sister Skipper in Allan’s Roadster 200 + US $; Beach Buggy for Skipper: 400 + US $), Merry Mfg. Co . (Skipper Closets), Columbia Records (several Skipper records) and Bradley Co. (wrist watches). A number of products can be found whose manufacturer is unknown, for example a tea set  with plates depicting Skipper. These products may also have been produced without license.

Skipper and Skooter Paper Dolls - Four Seasons Wardrobe

Skipper Paper Doll - Fashion Calendar Wardrobe

Vintage Fashions after Vintage Sewing Patterns:

Two-Tone Skipper dressed in a  fashion made some decades ago from one of  McCall’s sewing patterns.


More vintage outfits made after sewing patterns:

These items were produced by Mattel itself: A “Barbie and Skipper School” structure, a “Barbie and Skipper Deluxe House”, a “Skipper Game”, a “Skipper ‘n Skooter Go-Together Furniture” set, a “Skipper Dream Room”, several versions of “Growing Up Skipper 2-in-1 Bedroom” and two “Barbie ‘n Skipper Go-Together Room Furniture” sets. The prices for these products range from 50 to 100 US $, with the exception of “Barbie and Skipper School”, which is being sold for 400 + US $.

Skipper Coin Purse

This Skipper coin purse by SPP made of vinyl was produced in 1964 and it was fabricated in Japan. The stock no. is #103. The purse was available in white, light pink and light blue. Skipper is pictured dressed in an outfit that was never produced.

Skipper/Midge Key Ring

Vintage keyring found in the Netherlands showing a portrait of Skipper on one side and Midge’s portrait on the other side. There’s only one known example. The manufacturer is unknown.

The Story Book of Skipper - A New Doll

“Portrait of Skipper” by Wonder Books, 1964 

Merry Mfg. Co. Closets

Sometimes, you can find accessories with Skipper’s name and cannot identify them. In this case, they probably are from one of the three “Closets” for Skipper made by Merry Mfg. Co.  Merry Mfg. Co. produced playsets containing miniature replicas of common things around the house in the 1950s and 60s which were sold for 1.00 $ each. Skipper's playsets were named "Linen Closet", "Party Closet" and "Bath Closet". 


There also was a "My Merry Skipper Fancy Fashions Make Believe Cosmetics" set from the 1960s which contained a blue billfold with Skipper's picture, a "Skipper Eyebrow Liner" in a blue cardboard box, two lipsticks, a "Skipper Play Powder" box, a cream blush set and mascara. This set is extremely rare.

Linen Closet #2002

1 cardboard box "All detergent"

1 cardboard box "Skipper Laundry Starch"

1 roll of towels - "Northern Towels"

2 rolls of tissue "Northern"

1 cardboard box "Lux Flakes"

3 towels

1 yellow blanket

1 box of make-up removal pads "'Coets"

3 shoe boxes and a shoe cloth

1 red plastic dustpan

1 sponge

Party Closet #2001:

1 sponge birthday cake ("Happy Birthday Skipper") and 1 cardboard box

1 plastic cake cover in orange or blue

1 pad of paper invitations 

1 plastic and cardboard record player and 2 cardboard records

1 “Skipper Straws” cardboard box of paper straws - containing 10 straws

1 cardboard box of candles - "Skipper Candles" noted on box

1 white plate

2 white, green or yellow plastic bowls

1 plastic spoon

2 red plastic drinking glasses

1 orange or purple plastic pitcher

1 cardboard box of yellow paper napkins "Northern Luncheon Napkins"

Bath Closet #2003:

1 cardboard box "Skipper Hairpins"

1 cardboard box "Skipper Cotton Dabs"

1 cardboard box "Skipper Beauty Soap"

1 cardboard box "Skipper Bath Salts"

1 cardboard box "Skipper Bath Towels"

1 sponge



Susy Goose Sets

Susy Goose Sets, here: Skipper's Jeweled Bed

Go-Together Furniture

This wonderful store display shows three of Mattel’s Go-Together furniture sets:


Skipper ‘n Skooter Go-Together Furniture Double Bunk Beds and Ladder, Barbie ‘n Skipper Go-Together Dining Room Furniture, Barbie ‘n Skipper Go-Together Living Room Furniture Group (NRFB: 150 US $). 

Other furniture sets/70s

There were still licensed products for Skipper and her friends in the 70s, for example "bunk beds"/bedroom furniture for Growing-Up Skipper and her friend Growing-Up Ginger as well as for Deluxe Quick Curl Skipper: