Vintage Skipper Sewing Patterns

If you collect Vintage Skipper dolls, sooner or later you run over mommy made fashions. Many of them were sewn after vintage sewing patterns. The following page wants to help identify these outfits. I do not sell the patterns or outfits pictured.

One of the many vogue craft patterns from the 1960s

McCall's ad, 1964

I'm happy to own two sets made after McCall's pattern 7480 C. You can find this outfit quite often in many colours and fabrics, it seems to have been one of the most favourite fashions in the 60s:

This cute dress looks like a mix between McCall's 7716 A and 7480 E:

This is one hard to find outfit, probably made after McCall's patterns 7480 F and G or a quite similar pattern. It resembles Skipper's "Dreamtime" #1909 (pictured below: bottom pic to the left) very much. The bathrobe and the PJs are made by the same fabric as Skipper's original bathrobe.

Most likely: McCall's 7480 G:

These two Skipper dolls model dresses resembling mail order pattern 4701 A. Unfortunately, I couldn't find more info on this mail order pattern.

Unidentified fashions:

Two piece fashion made of cotton. The short pants resemble the pants from McCall's 7716 G.

Three piece outfit, jacket looks like it was made very similar to McCall's 7480 C:

Adorable coat and hat made of blue velvet. The coat has a white satin lining:

Floral dress made of cotton. The pants look like they were made of the same pattern as McCall's 7716 G:

Historical Sewing patterns

There are vintage historical sewing patterns for Barbie, Ken, Ricky and Skipper dolls. These are actual sized patterns that include all yardage requirements and complete instructions with illustrations. 


The lovely fashion you can see here is probably one example of a Skipper outfit made some decades ago with one of these patterns. It was found on a clone Skipper in the UK, so it’s also possible the doll and outfit were sold as a souvenir at a historical place.