Miss Teen

Miss Teen is also supposed to be one of the Skipper clone dolls, the manufacturer is unknown. She is supposed to have long hair with bangs, a side glance (left) and is probably marked Japan on her back. However, I've never actually seen a Skipper clone like that, but there was a Barbie look alike made by Shillman with that name.


On the other hand, "Miss Teen" cases and school bags were found in Canada which probably had been produced for the Canadian market only. On one of the cases the writing states: "Miss Teen is a registered trademark" © 1966.

This black case resembled one of Skipper's original cases. Miss Teen was pictured wearing a fashion that looked very much like Skipper's “Town Togs” outfit. Miss Teen cases probably were produced by SPP, the same company that produced the vintage Skipper and Barbie family cases.