Unidentified Skipper Clone Dolls

Skipper Clone Doll from the UK

This clone doll from the UK had centered eyes. Her body looked like the Hong Kong clones bodies described previously. She had a marking on her buttocks which stated: NO. 998 – the same marking as the Skooter clone dolls pictured before.


She came with the medieval fashion shown below. The dress was sewn on the doll. Maybe the doll was sold as a souvenir at a castle or tourist attraction in the 60s. It's also possible the doll and the outfit were part of "Costume Doll Kits" just like the ones that came with clothes that were glued - but in this case the sets contained outfits to be sewed on the dolls. For info on "Costume Doll Kits" please follow the link below:

Skipper Clone Dolls from Germany

Pictured here is another Hong Kong Clone. Unlike most of the other Skipper clones, she didn’t have side glancing eyes. Her body looked identical to many other Hong Kong Clone bodies. She was fround in Germany.

This Skipper clone from Germany had lovely light blue eyes and pretty lips and facial color. This doll had no markings. Her body seems to have been made very carelessly, one of her arms is longer than the other.