Marty by Grants

Marty is usually called "Marty Grants" and up till now all information I could find about this doll was, that it was assumed that she was manufactured by "Allied Eastern Company". 


But: The doll's name is "Marty". She has a big sister called "Lorna". You can find that information on one side of her clothing boxes. On the back side there's the info that the outfit was manufactured by TOTSY MANUFACTURING CO., HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS. This company is still active. It produces dolls, doll houses and accessories. On the front of her clothing packages it says: "Another W. T. Grant Exclusive" and there's a sticker stating "These clothes proudly made in the land of liberty U.S.A.". Between 1906 and 1976 W. T. Grant or "Grants" were U.S. American  mass-merchandise stores.


Marty has long hair with bangs, she glances to the right and her face looks very much like a little child's. She is marked "AE © 1964" on the neck. The doll has the same body as "Miss Kitty", however, there are no markings on it. It is very evident that - at least her head - was indeed manufactured by Allied Easter Company* for Totsy Manufacturing Co., which then supplied Grants with these dolls. Maybe their bodies were made in the U.S.A.


The Marty doll pictured is a rare version without bangs and dressed in the red and white bathing suit. She was probably sold in a cardboard box and comes with red flats.


The more common version has bangs and is dressed in a red, white or medium blue bathing suit which resembles Corky's original swimsuit (without the attached flower). These dolls were either sold in boxes (white, with a star-like pattern, no clear window) or as "baggie dolls". They came with flats. 


*AE stands for the Allied Eastern Company, which was founded in New York in 1918 and was probably active until 1980. It was also known under other company names such as the Allied Imported, Allied Doll Company, Allied Eastern Doll Company, Allied Doll & Toy Company, Allied Grand Doll Manufacturing Incorporated, and maybe some more.  They mass-produced dolls and doll parts which they supplied to other doll makers such as Deluxe Reading.  Allied Doll Company was mainly known for its vinyl dolls although they also produced dolls made of composition materials. The doll marking “AE” can be found on other doll manufacturers’ dolls (American Character, Belle, Deluxe Reading/Topper Toys, Eegee, Mary Hoyer, Jolly Toy/Nasco, New Dolly Toy Company, Sayco, P & M Sales, Valentine, Unique Doll Co.)

The "baggie" version, dressed in a red swimsuit: