Skipper Reproductions/Repros

In 1994 Mattel celebrates Skipper’s 30th birthday and launches the first reproduction Skipper doll: A porcelain doll wearing a reproduction of the “Happy Birthday” dress from 1965. Product Code: 11396. The original price for this set is 198 US $. 

In 2007 the first vinyl reproduction Skipper doll is sold. She has titian red hair and is dressed in a reproduction of the outfit “School days” (1964 – 1965).


She can be purchased together with Barbie in a “Knitting Pretty™ Barbie® Doll and Skipper® Doll Giftset” for 69.98 US $.


This Skipper repro doll has the markings © 1963 MATTEL, INC on her neck and © 1963 Mattel, inc. CHINA on her body. 

For Skipper’s 50th anniversary in 2014 Mattel offers another reproduction: A blonde Skipper doll also dressed in “Happy Birthday” (the vintage set #1919 was sold in 1965) sold in a box with reproductions of the accessories that went with the original outfit. This set sells out rapidly.


So Mattel produces another Skipper repro and sells her shortly afterwards: a brunette Skipper - in exactly the same box and with all the same accessories like the blonde doll before. The dolls have the markings © 1963 MATTEL, INC  on the back of their necks and on their bodies: © 1963 Mattel 1186MJ, 1. Made in China. Product Code: BDH31.


Both of these "Gold Label" sets originally cost 39.95 $. Gold Label Barbie Dolls are limited edition dolls. Today, blonde reproduction dolls and sets are more expensive, because only 4.600 of them are produced and sold worldwide, whereas 9.500 brunette dolls are on the market.


Blonde and brunette repro and back of the brunette's box, sticker on the back of the blonde repro Skipper's box:

Vintage accessories to the left, reproduction accessories to the right:

Vintage booklet to the left, repro booklet to the right: