German/European Skipper #8519 1972

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The "European Skipper" or "German Skipper" or "Twist 'n Turn Skipper Europe" #8519 was sold only for one year. Some collectors refer to her as the "German Skipper", because she was sold mainly in Germany (though some were found also in the UK). She did not come with a headband.


The European Skipper was packaged on orange blister cards. She had straight legs a body with a twist and turn waist.


There was no "redhead", these dolls were only produced as "brunettes" and "blondes". Unlike stated in some sources, blonde dolls aren't harder to find than the brunettes. They both are rare.


Her hair looks more synthetic than the vintage SL Skipper's hair. The bangs tend to part in the middle. Many of these dolls have very long and layered hair.


The eyes are painted like the ones of the Reissue Skipper dolls.


About half of these dolls have a factory flaw: One of their legs is longer than the other leg. Other than the pink skin SL Skipper and the Re-Issue Skipper, her face doesn't tend to discolor. Her eyes resemble the eyes of the Re-Issue Skipper dolls.


Brunette doll, very good condition, sold for 160 US $ on eb.. in spring 2018

Blonde doll, medium condition, sold for 180 US $ on eb.. in winter 2018

Picture from the German 1972 Barbie booklet, page 5

This doll wore a light blue swimsuit with a flower print, bow, and attached white pleated skirt with and pink slip. Since this fabric and swimsuit were only used for this doll collectors pay a high price for the swimsuit (and the doll). Both the doll and the OSS are very hard to find - even harder in a very good condition.


European Skippers are the last Skipper dolls which were produced with the early SL Skipper head mold AND side-glance. All future Skippers had centered eyes.


The markings of this doll are:

© 1967 Mattel Inc. U.S. Pat'd. U.S. Pats. Pend. Made in Taiwan


In 1973, Skipper #8519 officially didn't exist any more. But Mattel evidently used some left over parts of this doll and mixed them with parts of her successor #8126 (that's what collectors call "transitional dolls"): In the German Barbie booklet from 1973 you can see a Skipper doll dressed in the original swimsuit of Skipper #8519 and with the head of #8519. However, this doll has the stock number 00-8126 (#8126) and the bendable legs of Skipper #8126. Actually, the doll pictured was probably a prototype, since these dolls were never found NRFB. Still, there's a slight possibility some dolls were sold with this body.

Picture from the German 1973 Barbie booklet, page 3

Instead, you can find another rarity: a doll with the body of Skipper #8519 and the head of Skipper #8126. This doll wears the blue two piece bathing suit of Skipper #8126. She was sold in the same blister cards like #8519. You can see a picture of this doll in the Christie's auction catalogue "The Letje Raebel and Marina Collection" from 2006. I bought a doll with exactly these features a few years ago and am happy to have found proof of her authenticity. Photographs of this doll: